Pet Sitting/visits

From late 2019 we are offering House Sitting. Please contact Rebecca for details.

In the meantime we are offering pet visits in the Cheltenham area.......

We can offer home visits for your dog(s), cat(s) and other small animals in the central Cheltenham area. Typically your dog may be in day care or have a dog walker however, if you have a puppy or a dog which is recovering from injury and is unable to be walked and/or would be stressed by a change of environment then we can help. We can pop in at a time of day to suit you to provide toilet breaks/feeding and of course some all important fuss and attention!

For cats, it is usual for them to be happier at home when their owners are away. We can easily accommodate this by popping in at a time to suit you to provide opportunity for cleaning, feeding and of course some play time!

Additional Services (if you are away whilst we are pet sitting):

Whist we are in the property, we can also take the time to make the house appear occupied, e.g. by ensuring mail is not left in the letterbox or behind the door, by turning lights on/off and by opening and shutting curtains.